Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Week 4 in Marcavalle! Zone Conference

November 25th, 2013 

Hello Everyone,

Well today is exactly two months since I left Lubbock and it has gone by so fast! We had a lot of traveling for Zone Conference Meetings. 

This past week to Tarma for Monday and Tuesday, then La Merced for Thursday and Friday.  La Merced is gorgeous, but it is more hot and humid than Miami. It was so humid the inside of my watch fogged up, and still has water inside of it but I can at least read the time and I couldn't do that for 2 days.It was a big climate change, from the mornings in Marcavalle which are super cold.  

I have a couple funny stories to share! During a lesson I meant to say pedazos (pieces) and I accidentally said (pend*!%^) which is a really bad word... and the girl we were teaching was only 12! So that was pretty embarrassing but luckily everybody laughed. 

Also, I've been teaching Elder Zapata English and he already knows Spanish Portuguese and Ketchwa(some ancient language they only speak in the mountains of Peru). So during the lesson with Maryuri who just turned 21 and is getting baptized the 20th of December, Elder Zapata accidentally said, ''I want touch you'' and she doesn't know English so I just lost it and started doing my hyenna laugh in the middle of the lesson which was horrible... Then during church he told a lady ''I want your daughter'' and I just lost it again because I forget that nobody knows English except us! 

 I completely forgot about Thanksgiving. I'm bummed I missed Black Friday that was always so much fun. It looks like we'll be having 4 baptisms in December which is awesome!  

Tarma Zone

Love, Elder Pincock

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