Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dec 2nd update- An interesting Week in Marcavalle

December 2nd, 2013

Hello Everyone,  

This has been an interesting week... The craziest thing that happened was that we found a SCORPION in our house! 

 Our house!
I bought an awesome new camera and I'm glad because the pictures are so much better. We also, saw two "borrachos" (drunks) fighting last night which was pretty awesome.  Also, in the market, I saw my first live killing of a "cuy" (guinea pig) and it was crazy. The lady slit it's throat with a knife and let it bleed out in the street and then sold it right after, haha. 

I miss american food more than anything, B Dubbs and Taco Villa. The "arroz con pollo" sucks compared to Titi's. I also miss meat without bones. I got sick and  lost about 5 pounds this week, but I'm fine now.  Exercising every morning for 30 minutes has helped too. 

Streets of Marcavalle

Here are some dogs just lying around in Marcavalle

On a Spiritual note...

This Sunday I had a good experience. We brought an old lady to church with us and she lives about a mile away from the church. I pushed her in her wheelchair to church and on the way back home. It was her first time to ever go to the church, and she cried a lot. After about the first 20 minutes, the crying wasn't so cute anymore... But she was really grateful and It was a great experience! 

My Lesson in District Meeting about the Armor of God.

We have two baptisms this upcoming Friday. Jennifer and Whinny are sisters and are 20 and 19. It's been a lot of fun teaching them, and watching their testimonies and faith grow stronger every day.  

Here are some pictures I took on the way to the Zone Conference in Tarma and La Merced.

La Merced

La Merced


The disappearing Man Sculpture on the way out of Tarma.

Elder Pincock

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