Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dec 9th & 16 Update:

Dec. 9th, 2013
Week 5 in Marcavalle

Hey everybody! 

Right now I'm in Tarma for another zone conference. We had two baptisms this week for Jennifer and Whinny who are sisters.  I baptized and confirmed Jennifer and Elder Zapata baptized and confirmed Whinny.  It was a great experience, and it has strengthened my faith so much seeing  God answer their prayers and seeing their faith grow everyday. 

It's been a wet and cold week in Marcavalle and I'm freezing half the time, because nobody has a heater! But it's all good and we're having a great time. 

This is the last week before transfers, but most likely I'll stay in Marcavalle until the end of January or the beginning of March. I won't know until the 17th and also I don't know if I'll be getting a new companion or not.

Dec. 16th,  2013
Week 6 in Marcavalle
This past week it has continued to rain every day and has been freezing cold especially in the mornings in our house. I have a few funny stories from this past week... First off Elder Zapata was really sick this week and woke me up at 4:30 one morning because he couldn't open the medicine bottle and he had really bad diarrhea. He also asked a lady "will you marry me" but she had no idea what it meant so that was pretty funny.

We find out tonight about the new transfers and if we'll be leaving or staying and all that stuff. I bought a photo album that holds 400 photos so maybe in the next letter or package more pictures would be cool of all my family and friends.  

We're teaching a really old Italian guy on our street and he's crazy... he has a glass eye and his house is filthy but he's fun to talk to. The mission president is coming to our area this Thursday to do a couple of interviews with our investigators so that should be good to see him. 

We gave a lot of blessings this week. One was a little boy that fell down a huge flight of stairs and couldn't stop crying afterwards and was really scared. After we gave him a blessing he was calm, smiling, and perfectly able to walk. They took him to the hospital for a check up and they said nothing at all was wrong with him, which was a huge blessing! 

Love, Elder Pincock.

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