Sunday, November 10, 2013

Finally in the Field!

It's pretty crazy finally being outside of the MTC! It was a a 8 hour bus ride from Lima to Huancayo and we crossed the highest mountain pass in South America Ticlio Pass.  I think it was around 15,000 feet. A lot of people got sick on the bus but I just had a headache and that was all. 

Learm more about this Trecherous Mountain Pass

Meeting President Henderson was awesome. He's a really funny guy.  I'm so glad he's my mission president!  When we got to the mission home they fed us Pizza Hut, Burger King, and KFC in between trainings. 

My new companion is Elder Zapata from Peru and he's been out for 14 months.

Sis. Henderson's Famous Brownies!

Guess, Elder Pincock liked the brownies!

They sent us to Marcavalle for our first area which was another 3 hour bus ride.
We have a "pensaniesta" which cooks 3 meals a day for us and does our laundry which is nice because they don't have washing machines or refrigeradors here so laundry takes 3 days to get done.

I ate a couple gross things already like hot melted grape cough syrup and cold potatoes with some nasty green sauce on top.. But also some crapes for breakfast and some really good stir fry. 

Our apartment is pretty small and has no heating so it's freezing during the night. It rained pretty hard yesterday while we were out and it was super cold, but it's still so much fun. I think I would die if I didn't have my gloves, boots, and umbrella here. Hopefully I can stay dry for the most part! They gave us a really thick llama blanket and I sleep with like 4 of them to stay warm.

I already had a couple doors slammed in my face, but it's all part of the experience right? We already have a baptism coming up this Saturday and we taught her for the first time last night. Her name is Suileici, and it's just crazy to see how some of the people live here. They have almost nothing but they are still so happy and friendly all the time. In Suileici's house, her mom spent 20 minutes trying to wire the only lightbulb in their one bedroom house. 

We walked about 12 miles yesterday, and the area is really stretched out. We're the only two missionaries in this area so it's pretty awesome. 

I finally got all the letters that were in the mission home and it was nice to read them all! I don't have much time, but from now on my P Day will be everyday Monday.  This week was just different because of transfers.
Love, Elder Pincock

The North American Missionaries Group Picture

The Latino Missionaries Group Picture
Elder Pincock is in 2nd row from top,  5th from the left. 

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