Friday, October 11, 2013

Mission Call


Caleb read his mission call on May 10th, 2013 It was such an exciting day for all of us.  We were all anxious to hear where the Lord wanted him to serve.  

Huancayo, Peru Mission! Wow! Everyone was so excited, especially me cause my son finally gets to learn my native language of Spanish.  Caleb new it was the perfect place for him right from the start. September 25th 2013 is the day he reports to the Lima, Peru Missionary Training Center (MTC).  The wait of 4 months  begins.... but at least I get to have more time with him before he leaves..


Temple night was definitely a night to remember.  Special, spiritual and sentimental.  We all enjoyed the experience.  


The missionary farewell talks were a hit.  Both Caleb and Griff got to give their farewell talks.  The spirit was strong and the musical duet by my baby Marisa and Griff was amazing. The chapel was full of Caleb's and Griff's friends and lots of family members that came to Lubbock for the special occasion.

My sister Noelia, flew from Miami and spent countless hours working on one of her amazing cakes.  She is so creative! Love ya sis!


Someone had to eat the cake.  Party anyone? Didn't take much convincing. 

Natty, Marisa and Mia

Caleb with the Grandma.. Grandma Pincock came all the way from Washington to be part of these special events.

Caleb with his other family: Vicky & Stan and his brother Brian

Caleb with his abuela

Almost the whole family... missing Natty and Uncle Johnny who had to leave early.

Caleb with the Tias: Noelia and Berta

Caleb and the "Gs"

Hanging out!

FAREWELL OPEN HOUSE Two weeks later... it was time for the last goodbye get together.
Wasn't sure if a lot of people would show up.  Boy was I wrong! Great turn out, great support from great friends.  

Caleb and Zach 

The Speed Family

The Boys: Cameron, Caleb, Brian and Seth

Caleb and his "besty"

The Youth Group and Natty!

David and his crew from Ambrosia Catering

Cutie #1

Cutie #2

Even Ryan got to say his last goodbyes!

The family!

Last Sunday lunch: Mom's special turkey sandwich

Goodbye to the beard!!!

It's official! Hello Elder!

It's been such an emotional week but nothing compares to the emotions felt as we all spent the last few minutes with Caleb before he left for his two year mission.

Goodbye Sis!

Adios Abuela!

Farewell Matthes Family!

Goodbye B-Nas (AKA: Brother, Brian)

See ya later Cracky! (AKA: Brock)

Later CamK Nas! (AKA: Cameron)

Goodbye Dain Train (AKA: Seth)

See you later, Madi and Megan

Our family will not be the same without you!

See you in two!                     

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