Tuesday, October 15, 2013

3rd Week Update- Oct 15, 2013

Hello Everybody!

This was a short week since I was able to email last Thursday, but it will be Tuesday for the next few weeks! 


The funniest thing that happened was that I broke Elder Couch's glasses again... We were playing Futbol and I was throwing the ball back into play from the sideline and for some reason he tried to do a header and his glasses broke and cut his face all over again.. Also, two new missionaries during Futbol yesterday both went up for a header and busted each other's heads open and both had to go get stitches. It was intense! 

We all bought jerseys today and those weird peruvian pants from some illegal lady that sells them under the table so that was exciting..

Our district sang in church this past Sunday and we made a Spanglish version of the EFY medley and everybody was very impressed because it actually sounded really good.

One of the Hermanas during lunch two days ago found a family of maggots in some of the broccli she had already been eating. It was really disgusting we counted at least 10 of them in there. 

I'm glad to hear that Tech is still winning and looking good. That's super exciting!  

My favorite thing that we have been studying this past week is Attributes of Christ and it's very interesting. My companions and I taught a lesson to our district during Sunday School, then afterwards everybody watched a video of David A. Bednar giving a talk about the character of Christ. It was amazing. He shared a story about a woman who called him in the middle of the night because a bad car wreck had happened. Two girls were severely injured and the other was pronounced dead. The woman was on the phone at the same time with a nurse and the nurse identified that the girl that passed away was the woman's only child that was on the phone with her. Elder Bednar could hear the nurse tell the woman that it was her daughter from the other phone, but the first thing the woman did was ask Elder Bednar to help her contact the other girl's mothers and inform them that their daughters were ok. 

Then, a couple days later while the mother was on the way to her only daughters funeral a lady called her complaining about how she was sick and nobody had brought her food, but the sick lady didn't know about the woman's daughter passing away. So on the way to her daughter's funeral, she brought the sick woman medicine and a meal. 

Elder Bednar described her character as similar to how Christ would be. Never thinking of himself first no matter what problems you might be going through. He talked about how Christ healed the guard's ear just after being betrayed and suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Anyway, everything is going great here, and I'll try and send more pictures!

Love, Elder Pincock
No se preocupe, se feliz!

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