Friday, October 11, 2013

2nd Week Update: Oct 10, 2013

Buenos Dias Amigos!

I have a very limited amount of time, but I'll try and write as much as possible! Thank you so much to everybody that emailed me it really means so much to me and I love hearing from everybody.  I'm really sorry if I don't have time to respond to everybody but I will try my very best!

Everything here has gotten better and better everyday! Elder Couch and I have had a really funny relationship forming the past week... Well the day after I emailed you guys last week, during physical activity our district was all warming up before playing FĂștbol and somebody punted the ball from across the field so naturally I just ran for it and kicked it as hard as I could but I didn't see Elder Couch was about 5ft. in front of me a little to the right... So of course the ball flies STRAIGHT into his face and it broke his only pair of glasses into multiple pieces and his forehead started bleeding because it hit him so hard... 

I felt horrible because I just couldn't stop laughing right after it happened! It ended up being alright and we super glued his glasses together and luckily they were fixed but then everybody was scared to get close to me during the rest of the game.. ha ha.

Then that night a couple hours after we went to bed I heard a super loud scream and it woke me up, but I looked across the room and Elder Randolph didn't wake up, then I listened for the Latinos Sanchez and Santillan to say something but they never did. So, I leaned out and looked to the top bunk were Elder Couch was sleeping and he was sitting straight up frozen like he was freaking possessed or something. 

Then he quietly whispered "lo siento" and laid back down... I was so scared and the next day I asked him about it and he said that he had a nightmare that something hit him in the face and that's why he screamed!! ha ha ha. We've been laughing a lot about that the past few days. 

We taught 5 lessons to our first investigator Elisa Tejada completely in Spanish and it's been going great! The only problem is I always feel bad after we teach because Couch and Randolph almost never understand what she says so I almost teach the entire lesson by myself and I can do it in full confidence already! 

I became really good friends with some of the Latinos and it really helps my spanish to talk with them every night. They all like me because I'm the only "gringo" that understand when they say a cuss word in Spanish and I laugh so hard so they accept me into their conversations it's really awesome! 

Our roomates already left two days ago and we got two new Latinos in our room last night. Also, Elder Taysom and I made some raps to help us memorize some scriptures and I'm not sure if that's a good thing but now I can recite a lot more in Spanish. 

The best food we had this week was probably these beef fajita tacos with guacomole, rice, and black beans. The most disgusting thing was this seafood lasagna with squid inside... So somedays I only eat the rice and bread. 

Today we went to a new market called Tottus and it was nicer than Metro. I bought my first gatorade and it was amazing. I also bought two more llama ties and some other little hand made souvenirs because everything is so cheap here! 

I still can't believe how much I have learned here in such a short period of time and it is such an amazing blessing to be surrounded my so many awesome Elders and learn, pray, sing, and study together everyday.
Love, Elder Pincock
No se preocupe, se feliz!

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