Friday, October 11, 2013

1st Week Update : Oct 1, 2013

He Made It!

Caleb's First Letter to friends and family:

Buenos Dias mi amigos!

So just to let everybody know, my official day that I can email is every
Tuesday for the next 6 weeks except for next week is on a Thursday! Thank
you to everybody that emailed me it was great hearing from you. I've
already seen a llama farm and it was awesome! I am so amazed at how fast
time flies here, and it already feels like I've been here for a month
because I've learned so much.

You would all be so surprised at how fast I'm picking up Spanish it's ridiculous! I actually have two companions instead of one and their names are Elder Couch and Elder Randolph. Elder Couch is from California and Elder Randolph is from Spanish Fork, Utah. Elder
Couch is also our district leader and there are 13 of us in district 111. 

Left to Right: Elder Santillan, Elder Sanchez, Elder Couch, Elder Randolph, Elder Pincock

I love everybody in my district and they are so much fun to be around! Elder
Tayson is from Mesa, Arizona and is a 5 foot tall white boy, but competes
with all the Latinos in Futbol. he's the only gringo allowed to play with
them on the competitive field.  
I've played Futbol every day and its so much fun, 
but all the North Americans can barely breathe and it looks like we're all out of shape while the Latinos can run circles around us.

There's only 5 of us in my room, my trio companionship and 2 Latinos one from Mexico and
one from Ecuador and I absolutely love speaking Spanish with them every night for almost an hour. I always have to be the translator for everybody in my room, and I can hold actual conversations for so long I can't even believe that it's possible, but the spirit is so strong here that's what makes it possible for me to learn so much in such short time. 

Today was the first day we got to go out of the MTC and I already bought 2 llama ties and
tried the Inca Cola that's famous. 

I arrived Wednesday night around 1 in the morning, and we didn't see the sun until Saturday because it was completely overcast, but not like in the states. You literally could not see a single piece of blue sky 3 days, but to me the temperature is perfect. 

The food here isn't too bad, except yesterday I got a little sick for the first time... But at least I haven't gotten the "double headed dragon" yet (throwing up and diarrhea at the same time). The most disgusting thing I ate were these cold potatoes with like a yellow sauce on them that looked like mustard, and the best thing was a steak called Milanesa. I think I've had it in Miami before. iIts kinda like chicken fried steak. The juices they have here are amazing and my favorite is called maracuya. It's like pineapple and orange or something like that. 
Brian would love this yogurt they serve at breakfast. It's just like David melted orange sherbet and it's really good. 

None of the Latinos can pronounce Elder Couch. So it sounds like they say its Elder CoAch, so I told them to just call him Elder Sofaas a joke, but know everybody does and I'm not sure how he feels about it... He's really nice.

Sorry this is all so long, I just had a lot to say since it's my first letter and I love all of you so much!

Love, Elder Pincock

No se preocupe, se feliz!

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