Monday, February 24, 2014

Feb 18th and Feb 24th: Updates

Feb. 18th, 2014: Amazing week!

This week we had a multi zone conference in La Merced.  We had our P-Day with President Henderson in La Merced and it was so awesome.  We visited waterfalls

danced with some weird native tribe

and I took a picture with a monkey!

I also had a super weird experience in La Merced... I was talking to one of the "Hermanas" that's in my same group (like started our missions at the same time) and come to find out her Grandpa bought our house that we sold in Utah 12 years ago!!! How weird is that? What a small world huh? Sure enough her name is Hermana Silvester and I remembered that an ex olympian named Silvester bought our house, and I still cant believe that his granddaughter is in Peru at the same time as me how wierd... I told her that Dad built the house and everything and she said that we're welcome to come visit anytime hahaha!

 The conference today went great.

We always play a scripture mastery game where every person takes turns saying one word of a scripture, and if you say it wrong you have to sit down… 

The scripture for this month is Alma 7:11-13 and out of about 40 missionaries at the conference only 4 were the last ones standing and I was one of them! Haha !

The peanut butter you sent me went super fast, because so many people her have never tried it in their whole life so I shared it with a lot of people and they all loved it! 

Next time mom don't write on the outside of the package peanut butter because everybody in my zone wanted to eat it

I bought some new Nikes this week to play soccer and they're awesome. We played a few hours last week in Tarma and it was so much fun!

Everything was good but crazy this past week with all the traveling and I'm excited to sleep in my own bed tonight. I got a letter from Dawn which was nice tell them thank you for me! 

Sorry to everybody I didn't respond to last week I got cut short and I'll try to respond today! 

Love, Elder Pincock

Feb. 24th, 2014: Great Week in Marcavalle!

This week went by super fast, and super great! We have two baptisms this Wednesday. Fabiola Castro and John Pando and they are both 18. The members in Marcavalle are all super happy and the branch is progressing so much is amazing! 

It's going to be changed into a ward pretty soon, because now it meets all the requirements. I feel super blessed and lucky to be a part of helping this part of Peru progress so much and to have so much success here. 

This next transfer is the 12th  of March. We're going to be getting two more missionaries in our area and they are going to be sister missionaries. At this point, more sister missionaries are entering than "Elderes" which is cool to see the work progress so much. It looks like I'll be leaving this next transfer, but who knows! All we know is that there will be a lot of change this next transfer which is exciting.

Our Branch and Ward Mission Leader Percy Arrieta

I'm progressing more and more with Spanish everyday, and now it's really rare for me to ask what a word means. I'm so happy that I've learned the language so fast, and it's an awesome blessing. I love and miss all of you, and hope everything is going well at home!

Love, Elder Pincock

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