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June 16th, 23rd and 30th Update

June 16th, 2014

Hola Amigos y Familia,

Another week has flown by... Yesterday was pretty crazy being Father's Day. There were so many drunks in the street I felt like I was watching The Walking Dead for a little bit.... Also The World Cup started this week so it's been pretty crazy here because everybody is such fanatics here, and I've become a lot bigger fan of soccer since I got here in Peru! 

Here I am Playing Soccer!

We did a big service project this week in some 3 story building that's really old. It was just filled with old records of people that have died, and they wanted it moved to a different location. 

We made like a production line with all of the missionaries from the 3 floor to the bottom and we were all like throwing the old books, records, and folders to each other which was pretty cool, but there was so much dust we came out so dirty. 

Really Dirty after the Service Project

The best part was that I got to see Elder Lopez again who was my companion in Marcavalle! He has something wrong with his papers so they're sending him to another mission in Ecuador tomorrow so I'm kinda bummed about that.. 

We took a picture with him and my son Carhuacrica which is like the "family" in the mission, because Lopez finished my training so he's my dad and I'm training Carhuaricra so he's my son.. haha.

 The 3 of us were in the most important part of the chain line in the service project, in the middle of the stairs. We were all joking around so much and couldn't be serious so we kept dropping a bunch of records and pages we're flying everywhere in the staircase. There was so much dust I could barely see.. but it was awesome! 

Also we found one of our investigators passed out drunk on the street this week so that was kinda interesting.. haha The two baptisms we had planned this past Saturday got changed to this Sunday so we're excited about that! 

All is well, and I hope everything is going well back home in all our your crazy lives. 

I love and miss you all tons!
Elder Pincock


June 23rd, 2014

This week ended up being super crazy and stressfull, but very rewarding at the same time. First off, we had two baptisms yesterday of Pablo and Yeferson in the river which was such an awesome experience! 

All of their family came, and we're going to start teaching them now, because they all loved how the baptisms went. 

We were fasting yesterday, and normally we finish during lunch, but this week we had Stake Conference and an area 70 came, Elder Godoy. It was really cool listening to him. We got back to Chupaca late, and had to prepare for the baptisms, so we didn't finish fasting until like 7:30 which was crazy, but it also really strengthened my testimony about the importance of fasting and prayer as I saw the blessings come immediately. 

Rewarding ourselves with Choufa

Something funny that happened this week, was while we were in Huachac knocking doors, we talked to two families, and both of them asked me if I was single because they wanted me to marry their daughters... It was the first time it happened, and it happened twice in the same day so that was pretty funny. 

Something I definitely learned more this week, was patience, and learning how to be humble enough to accept the will of God. Everybody passes through tough times, and has problems, but if we run to God in times of need instead of hide from him, He will always be there at our side, if we are humble enough to accept His will. 

I love and miss you guys all like crazy, and I hope yall are enjoying life as much as we always should!

Love, Elder Pincock

Check out this spider we saw this week…


June 30th, 2014

Another crazy hectic week has already flown by, and I can't believe that today is the last day of June already! We had a fun P-Day last week. We went to a park as a zone and took some pictures. 

There was a llama, and of course I wanted my picture, but as I got close the llama spit in my face... It was the first time it's ever happened and it was pretty disgusting, and more spit than I thought it would be.. 

But then I gave it a kiss and it wanted more… ha ha

I bought a Ronaldo Jersey we found at a place that sells really nice ones for really cheap so I'll but some more when I get the chance. 

This week something cool I was studying is in John chapter 8. It's when Christ forgives the woman caught in adultry, but after in verses 31 and 32 explains about how the truth sets us free. Even though the commandments seem like a bunch of rules, in reality they set us free from the weight and burden of sins. It's something I'm learning by living more worthily as a missionary, and by teaching others and seeing the change happen in their lives.  Also, something else I'm learning and teaching, is that repentance isn't just doing less wrong in our lives, it's doing more right. 

I love you guys and miss you all a ton and thanks for all the birthday wishes!

Love Elder Pincock

Our Dinner last night from the jungle.. Se llama Juane!

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